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"Vietnam in my eyes" - Photography Contest


Please view all uploaded photos at the following link. You may leave comments on the photos.


Some of the first photos submitted to "Vietnam in my eyes" Photo contest.

Photos from Jennifer


Hoi An Lanterns (May 2016): Colourful paper lantern shop in Ancient Town Hoi An

Hoi An Vietnam (May 2016): Beautiful Ancient Town Hoi An, situated on the river and bathed in the light of lanterns at twilight

Mekong Delta Vietnam (May 2016): The lush palms shading a branch of the mighty Mekong river

Hanoi Vietnam (May 2016): Majestic flag tower in Vietnam's capitol city, Hanoi, towering over Vietnam's iconic motorcycle traffic

Halong Bay Vietnam (May 2016): Limestone cliffs on an emerald green sea in the bay of the magic dragon, towering over a merchant in her boat

Photos from Simon