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“Vietnam in my eyes”

To mark the 45th Anniversary of Diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Canada (1973-2018), the Embassy of S.R. of Vietnam in Canada in collaborations with Vietnam Airlines is inviting you to participate in a Photo Contest under the theme:

“Vietnam in my eyes”


To join the contest, one needs to send up to 5 photographs (with short captions) about Vietnam to:

The photos should depict the most exciting aspects of the country’s rich history and culture, as well as beautiful landscapes in the views of Canadians. The photos should have been taken in Vietnam no more then 45 years ago, and preferably should reflect the current images of the country.


All participating photos, if publishable, would be posted on the Vietnam Embassy website at Online voting for the public may be available as a reference. The winner would be announced at a ceremony to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Canada held in Ottawa in 2018. The prize for the top winner would be two (02) free return tickets from Canada to Vietnam by Vietnam Airlines.*


We look forward to having you on the Vietnam in my eyes photo contest!


View all qualified photos here.


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* subject to taxes by the Canadian federal and provincial governments